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About us
Detour is a digital agency that leads brands to engage with their audiences.

Founded in 2009 and operated from Irvine, California and Mexico City.

We are a team of award-winning creatives who strive to produce the most results-oriented communication solutions.
Because of the constant evolution in technology, the challenges to reach audiences have evolved as well. This is why we believe it's of great importance to stay up to date and adaptable to all existing media platforms.

We are a digital agency although our business model merges the capabilities of a traditional ad agency, an interactive studio and a production company to confront each project with a broad vision of different forms of communication.
Detour is a certified B corporation, which means we use the power of our business to make a positive influence on our brand's intended audiences. We also take a leading role in creating awareness of social and environmental problems.
Strategy & Analytics
  • Digital Market Analysis
  • Digital Research
  • Digital Strategy
Digital Experience
  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile (Apps & Web)
  • Content Management Systems
  • Digital Advertising Creative
  • Video Production
Social Media
  • Social Media Experience
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Google Analytics
  • Digital Advertising
Our Work
Doopla Digital Agency of Record
We help Grupo Finansiell to launch their new financial platform, by creating a name, logotype and brand image for their crowd-lending platform. In 2015 we are launching a comprehensive and integrated marketing campaign to attract new investors and borrowers.
Applebee's Digital Agency of Record
People want to interact with real people. For this reason we introduced Ana & Fede. A server and a bartender who are ambassadors of the Applebee's brand, besides being fun and helpful. In the first 2 months we reached 800k fans in facebook and increment engagement 200%.
Honda Texas Nation Website & Banner Ads
The Honda dealerships from Texas needed a prominent presence in the web, and provide their customers with easy-to-use technology for them to have an ultimate car buying experience. Together with Honda's Hispanic Market Ad agency, Orci, we developed a set of banner advertisements that were strategically showed in websites visited by customers in the areas of Dallas, Fort-Worth and Houston.
The user could then search for a zip code in the banner ad and the website would automatically show the nearest dealerships.
IGSA Website
Functionality meet Design. We created the new website for IGSA: A totally editable, SEO powered and UX BFF website based on Detour's custom CMS, that simply rocks!
Benefits & Risk Solutions Website
BRS came to us to come up with their digital image and produce a top of the line interactive website for their business. This website is a mix of flash animations, interactions, sound, forms and even a blog; everything editable through a custom designed CMS (Content Management System). A custom, super clean design and interactive animations create an entertaining user experience, all bundled together in a professional and innovative website.
McDonald's Buttler Rich Media Banner Ads
Banner ads should not be boring. This is what the ad agency Castells believed when they contact us to help them develop their 2012 McDonald's Digital Campaign. This is one set of 3 different rich media banner experiences.
McDonald's McGriddles Rich Media Banner Ads
These interactive and engaging rich media banner ads are part of the 3 sets of the 2012 Digital Campaign for McDonald's. A fun gameplay in a beautiful design, makes it incredible to believe that all fits in just one banner ad. Digital Campaign
When we found out that in Mexico narco trafficking had killed 35,000 people in only 3 years, we decided to do something about it. So we created this campaign to raise our voices and propose a radical solution. This campaign revolves around a website where people can unite and show their support to stop these crimes, by showing that we can come together more than people that have died. The campaign is supported by a Facebook Page and a Twitter account.
nano talks iPhone Application
A social app that consists of 20 talk bubbles where people can say whatever is on their minds... show their wit, or convey their most inspiring ideas.
You can find it now at the Apple iTunes app store.
Claxons Mexico iPhone Application
This successful application reached the 2nd place in the Apple iTunes app store in Mexico after 4 days of being launched. 12 classic car horns that are used by Mexico's City public transportation buses called 'Peseros'.  




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